Therapeutic Tui Na Massage in Macomb County, Michigan


Total Body Treatment

You are a single entity comprised of many parts. Just like you wouldn’t expect a machine to operate if you only fixed only one segment of it, you shouldn’t expect your body to function properly without comprehensive treatment for the entire system. Get a therapeutic service that relaxes and revitalizes each part of your form to improve the well-being of the whole.

What is Tui Na?

Tui Na is a form of massage that originates from China. Instead of a standard massage that is simply meant to relax and soothe your body, this is used as a therapeutic treatment that focuses on specific areas of energy and circulation congestion. It alleviates a wide variety of issues, such as respiratory and digestive disorders, insomnia, arthritis and much more.
Back Massage — Massage Therapy in Wayne Country, MI
Tui Na uses the same principles as acupuncture. Although, while acupuncture releases energy through placing small needles into precise points throughout the body, Tui Na achieves the same results by using manual stimulation. Because these areas connect the systems of your body, removing the congestion from them promotes better overall well-being.

Our Tui Na Treatment

Just like a regular massage, you will be provided with a private, peaceful room designed for relaxation. Our Tui Na experts stimulate the pressure points on your body by grasping and pushing the muscle and fascia around them. This promotes blood flow and circulation throughout your system. Tui Na is especially better at easing tendons, nerves and joints than a typical deep-tissue massage.

Our Friendly Specialists

At Massage TJ Spa, we are devoted to serving Macomb County, Michigan, and the surrounding areas with professional massage and therapeutic services. We offer competitive rates to guarantee that you receive highly skilled care for the best price. Our skilled therapists provide experienced restorative services in a peaceful atmosphere.