Soothing Reflexology Treatment in Macomb County, Michigan


Treating Your Whole Body

Healing is more than just pills and doctor’s visits. Proper medical treatment is vital for your physical health, but it is not the only way to treat the body. Get a relaxing therapeutic treatment that assists in rejuvenating your nerves, increasing blood flow and easing your symptoms. From migraines to sleep problems, we have a painless treatment that works.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is more than just a simple foot rub. It is a system of massage that specifically targets reflex points in your feet that are linked to other parts of your body. By releasing the tension and clearing blocked energy throughout each foot, symptoms in the rest of your body will ease. We especially focus on the points that seem tender, as they imply that there is a weakness or imbalance in the corresponding part of the body. Our professional reflexologists will help you cleanse your body of toxins, increase circulation and promote healing.
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What to Expect

You’ll begin your session by discussing your symptoms with an expert reflexologist. This ensures that they fully understand your needs and will focus on the areas that correspond with them. It’s important to remember that reflexologists do not diagnose. Our therapists simply take note of your ailments and use professional expertise to assist with the healing process.

Reflexology sessions generally last about 30 minutes. You will remain clothed and be either seated or lying down while our therapist works to release the tension in each foot. We concentrate on specific areas that correlate to your symptoms, but we also massage the entire area, from your ankle to your toes, to ensure that all tension is released. By the end of the session, you will feel relaxed and revitalized.

Skilled Expertise, Soothing Atmosphere

At Massage TJ Spa, we are devoted to serving Macomb County, Michigan, and the surrounding areas with professional massage and therapeutic services. We offer competitive rates to guarantee that you receive highly skilled care for the best price. Our skilled therapists provide experienced restorative services in a peaceful atmosphere.
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