Soothing Deep Tissue Massage in Macomb County, Michigan


Easing Your Tension

Stress is an ever-growing epidemic. It is one of the most prolific ailments that adults experience on a daily basis. When you experience anxiety, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. This hormone has been known to affect learning and memory, increase weight gain and lower immune function. Instead of managing your tension with costly prescriptions, get relief with a relaxing, natural practice that has been used for years.

Natural, Soothing Healing

It’s hard for your body to heal when you’re stressed because important systems become stunted when your cortisol level is high. Releasing that tension will increase blood flow, circulation and healing.

Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic technique that is targeted at the deep layers of your muscles and fascia. This focused attention induces a release in strain and tightness that works deeper than a standard massage. Our team uses their years of training to pinpoint specific points on your body that will help alleviate stress and promote a more relaxed state of being.
Deep Tissue Massage — Massage Therapy in Wayne Country, MI

Relax Further, Heal Faster

Deep tissue massage has many benefits. It relaxes muscles, which helps promote faster healing for strains and spasms. Scar tissue that is inside your body can be softened and made flexible by applying direct, steady pressure to the affected area. Deep tissue practices also help lower blood pressure, decrease fibromyalgia pain and improve your range of motion.

Trained, Trusted Techniques

At Massage TJ Spa, we want to help everyone in Macomb County, Michigan, live healthier, stress-reduced lives. Our staff is expertly trained and practice safe techniques that meet the industry’s standards.