Spending time with your partner is right at the top of your list of favorite things to do, and you can't wait to finally get a chance to see them enjoy the relaxing benefits of a massage.

Yet getting a couple's massage is a little different from enjoying a solo treat, and you want to make sure that your partner gets the most out of the experience. As you get ready for your couple's massage, use these tips to ensure that you both enjoy the chance to indulge in some relaxation.

Choose the Right Time

Many couples choose to schedule a massage together to celebrate a special event such as a birthday or anniversary. If you choose a special date, make sure that your massage does not coincide with any other events on the agenda such as a family dinner together.

It is also important to schedule your massage for a time during the day when you can both relax. For instance, you may prefer to make your couple's massage appointment for in the morning so that you have the rest of the day to enjoy feeling relaxed.

Make Sure Your Partner Is Comfortable

If your partner has never had a massage before, you will want to make sure that they are prepared for the experience. Spend some time talking about what will happen during the massage. If they are apprehensive, then consider having them schedule a solo session before you do one as a couple.

Once your couple's appointment is scheduled, let them know a few tips, such as to dress comfortably for the massage. It is also important to let your partner know that they can communicate with their massage therapist throughout the session to let the therapist know what feels good.

Explore Your Massage Options

There are many types of massages that are available. For instance, a hot stone massage feels wonderful for people who have aching muscles, or your partner may enjoy having their therapist use aromatherapy oils during their massage.

Explore your options together, and remember that you can both have different types of massages during your couple's session. In fact, observing a new type of massage is great way to get acclimated to a technique that you have always wanted to try but aren't sure of yet.

Accept Your Partner's Reactions

There are some people who enjoy talking throughout their massages, while others prefer to enjoy the sensation of touch in silence. Keep in mind that your partner may even fall asleep as they feel their body relax.

Talk to your partner beforehand about whether or not you prefer to talk during the session. Then stay flexible throughout. This is especially true if your partner has never enjoyed a massage before because they may change their mind mid-session. You can always talk after the experience.

Plan to Continue Basking in the Glow

It is important to extend the benefits of your session by making the rest of the day as relaxing as possible. After the massage, you will have time to rest as you change clothes and prepare to go back out into the world. Yet it helps to have plans for the rest of the day.

Many couples find that spending time together after their couple's massage prolongs the relaxation. Consider enjoying a quiet meal out together, or head home and connect as a couple privately. Either way, you will both have lots to talk about after your massage experience.

At MASSAGE TJ SPA, we love pampering couples who are enjoying a special occasion or just looking forward to the chance to connect. When you schedule your massage, let us know how we can make the experience perfect so that you get the most relaxation out of your session.